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How to Download ProtonMail Email to Hard Drive

Rollins Duke   Contributor
Published On October 16th, 2023 • 5 Min Read

how to backup protonmail

This blog is dedicated to ProtonMail users. Are you considering creating a backup for ProtonMail? This post will show you stepwise complete guidance to download your email data to your computer.

ProtonMail core feature is security and end-to-end encryption that does not allow others to peek into your data except the authorized user. We need other properties that ProtonMail does not provide. For that, you would need a ProtonMail Email Backup Solution.

A Quick Look at What ProtonMail Backup Solution Offers

  • Batch or multiple selective email files and folders download
  • Download emails with attachments
  • Selective approach solution for backup of important emails.
  • Prime solution for non-technical users.

What ProtonMail Backup Solution Offers?

This question will definitely arise that what this ProtonMail backup solution does for you. How it is going to benefit you. So, let’s just find out.

It is an assured solution to save your files in your device to create a separate backup of ProtonMail if the above-mentioned conditions occur. It offers multiple advanced features to customize the ProtonMail email backup data. Examples are date range filters that allow you to download emails of specific duration instead from the beginning. You can log in through using single and multiple ProtonMail accounts to restore the emails

Why Users Need ProtonMail Downloader?

Query – “My name is Jones. I have been using ProtonMail for the last three years. My experiencing using ProtonMail is productively smooth. Though ProtonMail is accessible mostly every time lack of network and internet in ruler areas or basement places when I need my emails. It made it difficult to complete my task. This brought me to create a backup for my ProtonMail. I haven’t come across any suitable and reliable source. Please suggest any ProtonMail backup solution which doesn’t demand the amount of tech knowledge.”  

The above query is the actual struggle of people. Because they are afraid to do anything that might result in loss of data instead of backup. There is no authentic manual method is available. So, to lessen the tension and stress from our user’s shoulders we are suggesting this tried and tested solution.

Steps to Created Backup using ProtonMail Backup Solution

Let’s follow this sure shot solution for how to create a backup for ProtonMail

Before that use ProtonMail Bridge for generating credentials for ProtonMail.

Important Note: If you want to download your Protonmail emails to the hard drive. Then first make sure follow all the Protonmail settings like IMAP is enabled and create an app password for error-free authentication.

  1. Download and launch the ProtonMail backup Solution program.

    ProtonMail backup

  2. Then, Enter the credentials of ProtonMail, IMAP port no. and Hostname.

    credentials of ProtonMail

  3. After that, choose the files and folders from the loaded mailbox of ProtonMail. These folders will be saved as your backup.

    loaded mailbox of ProtonMail

  4. Then, select the format for your backup data and customized the backup by applying advanced settings before approaching the export button.


  5. After that, once you are satisfied with the format, advanced settings, and selection of files and folders, click on the Backup button.

    advanced settings

Once progress starts you would see the estimated time and percentage of progress of the download of backup files. After completion of the process, a pop-up will appear showing you of the completion message. This is the way on how to backup ProtonMail

Astonishing Features of ProtonMail backup creator

Batch Download of Files and Folders

It is designed to download single and multiple files and folders of mailbox within few clicks. You no longer need to repeat the process and wasting of hours to get your job done.

Safety is Our Priority

Your email data is valuable and important files for you. We kept transparency that your data and your details must not be shared or saved on any server of software other than your own computer.

Download of Attachments with Emails

When you are downloading emails from mailbox folders then it is an unspoken means that those attachments embedded within emails also be downloaded. This solution makes sure that the attachments and emails will remain intact the way they are including format and structure without any modification to them

Direct Solution to Download Emails

We kept its foundation simple and direct so users don’t need to puzzle by numbers of the setting required to accomplish the simple task of downloading the emails for backup.

Selective approach before downloading

Users get complete freedom to choose the files and folder of the ProtonMail mailbox regardless of the numbers of files within the folders.

No limitation oversize of email

Don’t need to worry about the size of the files. You won’t get any error message or restriction because of email file size.

Single and multiple ProtonMail accounts

Users are not restricted to the use of single account access. He can log in through multiple accounts without the worry of entry access.

An ideal solution for Non-tech users

It is designed especially concerning non-tech users who do not possesses adequate knowledge and nuances of technology. But want to be self-reliant instead of any others’ assistance. They can perform and complete their task on their own.

With this, we came to our conclusion of the blog on how to backup ProtonMail.

Concluding Thoughts

ProtonMail provides security and protection to data of users but that’s not enough. There are several situations when the only backup of emails can actually work for you. Be your own savior, don’t rely on others for a task like backing up of emails field. Because we have designed this application for you to that will turn that lengthy and tiring task into a simple and direct approach. Experience this application and share your feedback. We would be glad to hear from you.


By Rollins Duke

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