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How to Download Emails from Rediffmail Directly ?

Rollins Duke   Contributor
Published On October 16th, 2023 • 3 Min Read

I am using Rediffmail as my emailing platform since I started dealing with emails. With the increasing need for security and other facilities, now I want to migrate to some other platform. But, I have many important emails in my Rediffmail account. Suggest me some solution to download emails from Redifmail account. Also, is there some direct way to create Rediffmail mail backup?

Are you also looking for a solution to ‘ How to download emails from Rediffmail’? If yes, you will find an appropriate solution for Rediffmail mail backup. Nowadays, Email is just not a mean of communication so it is very important to take the backup of emails for the security. The Email Backup Wizard is a best-suited tool to download emails from Rediffmail. Download the utility to export Rediffmail emails on your local storage.

download-emails -from-rediffmail


Solution to Backup Rediffmail Emails 

If you want to safely create the copy of Rediffmail emails then please take the help of this best and reliable solution. The software easily retrieves old emails from Rediffmail. The tool allows to take a backup of Rediffmail account to multiple file formats and directly to email client applications. Moreover, you can easily use this software to create a Rediffmail backup. Download Rediffmail emails using the tool to download Rediffmail emails. The utility is very helpful to backup Rediffmail inbox as well as all the folders.

How to Download Emails from Rediffmail Account ?

There are different types of backup solutions available. The one you select will depend on what you need to back up, time, and security. But, if you want to securely Store emails from Rediffmail account,  follow the steps below:

1. Download and run the utility to download emails from Rediffmail.

download-emails -from-rediffmail

2. Now, from the list of email source, choose  Rediffmail to export Rediffmail emails. Enter the credentials of Rediffmail account and click Login button.

download-emails -from-rediffmail

4. Here, choose the files for Rediffmail mail backup. Now, select the required file type, location, and file naming option to Import emails from Rediffmail account and click the Backup button.

5. Once you click on backup, all the selected files will be downloaded on your local drive.

Benefits of Rediffmail:

  • It is a personal and direct medium for communication.
  • Messages are easily delivered within a few seconds.
  • Keep the record of your emails.
  • Easy and no time boundations.
  • A good example of One-To-Many communication.
  • You may attach files, documents, images, & other media to an email.

Advantages of Reediffmail Backup Software – Get Complete Rediffmail Backup 

1. Successfully backup Rediffmail emails with attachments.

2. Create the backup of Rediffmail account in just simple 3 steps.

3. The tool provides a very simple graphical user interface to Extract emails from Rediffmail.

4. Download old emails from Rediffmail account without any loss.

5. Copy Rediffmail emails to multiple file format as per your need.

6. Operable with each and every version of Windows platform.

7. The software is completely safe and secure from any type of risk.

Final Words

In the above write-up, we have explained a simple and direct solution to Transfer emails from Rediffmail account. If you want to keep a copy of your Rediffmail account then you can take the help of Rediffmail backup software. Also, the tool is very easy to use and understand. You can try the Demo version of the utility which is available for free.


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