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How to Migrate Gmail to ProtonMail ?

Rollins Duke   Contributor
Published On October 16th, 2023 • 6 Min Read

gmail to protonmail migration

Are you planning to move from G Suite or Gmail to ProtonMail? Looking for an assured solution that can migrate your Gmail data to ProtonMail in the direct and quickest manner. To achieve this objective we have the Email Backup Utility for you.

It presents the relocation of emails with attachments directly to your ProtonMail. It offers multiple advanced and customized features according to the need of the user. If this description excites you…wait for the real steal deal.

Why We Need Gmail Account to ProtonMail Transfer?

Gmail is omnipresent. Every person who uses the internet would have Gmail for email communication, but many times the privacy of user data is compromised by Google when it comes to surveillance programs by the government. This caused uncertainty in Gmail users to shift to some reliable and authentic email servers that respect and value the privacy of the user and his data.

ProtonMail understood this requirement and come up with an end to end encryption. Also, it provides two steps of security verification for email data protections that create an obstacle for intruders and data thefts.

What is Google Mail to ProtonMail Migrator Do?

After having the replacement of Gmail, then we need to migrate our Gmail email data to the ProtonMail server. To get this job done there is a genius method which will migrate your data and will provide some extraordinary advance feature to customize your migration process. Bulk migration, download with attachment, single and multiple account logins are some of its attributes. Once you get hands on it, you only have to give it commands and relax. The rest of the job will be done by itself and it will alert when the task would complete.

So now what will happen to the Gmail account data? We will migrate it to the Protonmail server using this solution. Here are the highlighted

Glimpse of Fabulous Features

  • Provide a smooth migration of data from Gmail to ProtonMail directly.
  • Batch Migration of folders and files using multiple email accounts
  • The export of emails with attachments directly to the ProtonMail account.
  • Keep Intact the structure and properties of data after migration.
  • Allow single and multiple logins of the Gmail account.

Query – “My name is Steve. I was using Gmail from 10 years but I have concerns about the lacking security features and monitoring of my data without my knowledge. This made me leave the Gmail server. I want to move to ProtonMail that promises and assure to provide end to end encryption. But the migration of my Gmail account data became a matter for me. Is there any method that could migrate my emails without any loss and damage to it? Please share a sure shot solution to me.   PS- I am not a very much technical person. So I would highly thankful if there would a simple and effective method instead of a lengthy manual procedure.”

These queries inspired us to provide a solution for our users on how to migrate Gmail to ProtonMail.


How Do I Move Gmail to ProtonMail?

Please Read Me: As we all know now Google does not support Google’s less secure apps service. So, we have to set up the Gmail settings by enabling IMAP and use the app password in place of a normal password.

Same we have to do the process for Protonmail. For steps of Protonmail IMAP settings.

  1. Download and Run the Gmail to ProtonMail Migrator application.
  2. After that, Enter the credentials of the Gmail account i.e. username and password.
  3. Then, select the mailbox folder(s) and email files that you want to transfer.
  4. Select IMAP for ProtonMail and fill the required credentials
  5. Then, according to the requirement choose the advanced feature before migration. Now Select the Migrate button.

Now you would see a progress bar and after completion of migration, a pop message will appear. This how you can migrate Gmail to ProtonMail.

NOTE: Use ProtonMail Bridge for creating credentials for ProtonMail.

This is the way on how to migrate Gmail to ProtonMail within a few minutes and a few clicks.


Remarkable Features of Gmail to ProtonMail Converter

Batch Migration Approach

Single and multiple email accounts, folders, and files direct download ProtonMail email application. Designed to load and support batch export with the Batch migration approach.

Safety and Security is Priority

It is safe and secure by all measures. It does not save any credentials of the user account anywhere else other than the user’s computer.

Export All Emails with Attachments

It transfers files from the user account without any alterations or any change in the metadata of emails. It keeps intact the format, header, and structure of emails and attachments.

Direct Method to Export Emails

This application is designed to relocate the emails to the ProtonMail account from Gmail directly without any additional platform requirement.

Selective File Approach

While migration of the email files. You got the choice to save files and folders while the relocation of email files. It means you have the authority to choose which folders you want to move.

Single and Multiple Accounts

Users can control the login using single or multiple accounts. So the user is not restricted to use a single account login.

No Need of Technical Knowledge

To operate this application user is not supposed to hold the technical mastery. The straightforward and direct approach made it easy to handle and operate by non-tech users who feel trouble in configuration and do not have in-depth knowledge of the application. You don’t have to worry our application will do your task.

This brought us to the conclusion of this blog


Due to lacking security measures of Gmail users are shifting to more reliable and assured privacy providers i.e. ProtonMail. Concerning the struggle and doubts regarding the migration of email data from Gmail to ProtonMail, we designed this direct method which not only supports Gmail and ProtonMail but has a direct approach for the relocation of files. It is designed mainly for non-tech people who don’t know the nuances of rapidly changing technology.

If you require any further information, contact the Technical Support Team


By Rollins Duke

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