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How to Migrate IceWarp Cloud to Zimbra Desktop Using Instant Software ?

Rollins Duke   Contributor
Published On October 16th, 2023 • 4 Min Read

migrate icewarp to zimbra

“Has anyone ever migrated from IceWarp Cloud to Zimbra? If yes, then please suggest me a reliable  solution to convert IceWarp to Zimbra. I have found so many online solutions but they do not provide the step by step guidance to accomplish this task. Also, I don’t have too much time to waste and I don’t want to lose any of my important data. Please suggest me a good third-party approach by which I can easily migrate IceWarp to Zimbra in just a few steps.”

Davis Evans

“Hello, my organization is using IceWarp since a long period. Now, I have recently joined a new company where they are using Zimbra desktop application for email organization and management. Now, I want to migrate some specific folder from my IceWarp account to Zimbra desktop. It is possible to perform selective migration? Comments and suggestions are most welcome. Thanks in advance.”

Smith Robinson

Recently, we got many user queries for IceWarp to Zimbra migration.  So, in this blog, we are going to explain how to convert IceWarp Cloud to Zimbra using reliable third-party software. Read the full blog to get the professional solution to perform IceWarp to Zimbra Migration.

Migrate IceWarp to Zimbra using Instant Solution

Email Backup Utility: The Ultimate Solution for Email Data Migration and File Conversion is an appropriate solution to migrate IceWarp to Zimbra Desktop. Using this application, one can easily perform unlimited as well as selective migration from IceWarp account to Zimbra. This software is completely risk-free in order to import IceWarp Cloud to a Zimbra desktop. One can easily get the migration in just a few moments. Download the IceWarp to Zimbra Converter for simple migrations.


Steps to Import IceWarp Cloud to Zimbra Desktop

  • Install the software and select IceWarp Cloud from the left panel of the software to migrate IceWarp to Zimbra.


  • Enter the IceWarp account credentials and click on the Login button to proceed further.


  • Select Zimbra from the list of saving option and the required destination where you want to save data.


  • IceWarp to Zimbra Converter also provides an advanced fitter facility. So, filter your emails as per your requirements.


  • Lastly, click on the Backup button to begin the migration from IceWarp Cloud to Zimbra.


By following these simple steps, one can successfully migrate emails from IceWarp Cloud to Zimbra account.

Benefits of IceWarp to Zimbra Migration Tool

1. Selective Migration: Users can easily convert IceWarp to Zimbra selectively using this software. It allows users to only check the folder which they want to migrate.

2. Advanced Filter Option: The tool also provides an advanced filter option for the ease of users. Using this feature, one can easily select the specific date range, from, to, etc.

3. All Windows Supportive: One can install and run this application on any Windows Operating system. It successfully supports all the Windows edition.

4. Change Default Language: While installing the application, it will ask you to change the language. So, you can select the language as per your requirements.

5. Simple User Interface: IceWarp to Zimbra Migration software came up with a very simple user interface. Technical, as well as Non-Technical users, can easily perform the migration.

6. Migrate Email Attachments: The tool allows users to migrate IceWarp to Zimbra account along with all the attachments.

7. Select Destination Path: With this application, users can select the location where they want to save the resultant data. Using this feature, one can easily access and manage the resultant data.

Final Words

In t5he above blog, we have explained about the direct solution for IceWarp Cloud to Zimbra Migration. The IceWarp to Zimbra Converter is a professional software in order to import IceWarp to Zimbra without losing information. Using this tool, one can successfully get safe and accurate migration.


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