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How to Move Emails from Yahoo to ProtonMail ?

Rollins Duke   Contributor
Published On October 16th, 2023 • 4 Min Read

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Are you trying to transfer Yahoo Mail to ProtonMail but did not found a suitable simple method. Do you want to know how to transfer emails from Yahoo to ProtonMail? Don’t worry we are here to resolve this issue.

We brought you a secure solution for the migration of emails from Yahoo Email using Yahoo to ProtonMail Email Backup Migrator Tool. Using this migrator Solution you won’t need anyone’s assistance to transfer Yahoo Mail to ProtonMail. We have turned this lengthy tiring task into few mouse clicks and least time. In this blog, we will show you this advance migrator with stepwise instructions. Want to know – HOW??

So, keep reading…

Quick Glance of features of Yahoo to ProtonMail Migrator

  • Batch and multiple files and folder migration from Yahoo to ProtonMail
  • Keep intact the email structure and metadata of emails
  • Advanced features to customize the migration process
  • Migration of emails with the embedded attachments
  • No size limitation for email migration.
  • Single or Multiple accounts login for transfer of data.

Prime Solution to Transfer Yahoo to ProtonMail

Though Yahoo is the oldest and widely used email client among users, it hasn’t provided any direct solution to transfer email data to any other email client, the same applies to ProtonMail.

So it is obvious you won’t leave your precious data over there. That’s why we have come up with this prominent solution that will resolve this problem in the direct, simplest, and quickest manner. Batch or selective transfer of Yahoo Mail emails is the core key of this method.


How to Transfer Emails from Yahoo to ProtonMail Tutorial

You only need to follow these steps:

Important Note: It is very important to IMAP enable and create an app password to set up the Yahoo and Protonmail account safely:

for Protonmail IMAP settings

for Yahoo IMAP settings.

  1. Firstly, Download and Run Yahoo to ProtonMail Migrator in your device.
  2. Then, fill the required details of Yahoo Mail for account login.
  3. Then, after loading Yahoo Mail files and folders, select the desired folders you want to transfer.
  4. After that, select the IMAP option. Along with ProtonMail credentials also fill details for IMAP host no. and Port No.
  5. Then, go for an Advance setting to customize your transferring process, so you migrated data would be the way you want. Then click on the Backup button to start the process.

NOTE: Use ProtonMail Bridge for creating credentials for ProtonMail.

Within the estimated time and display of the progress bar, you will transfer Yahoo Mail to ProtonMail. This is the way to know how to migrate emails from Yahoo Mail to ProtonMail.

Eminent Features of Yahoo to ProtonMail Migrator Tool

Batch Email Transfer

It transfers the multiple or batch emails of Yahoo Mai to ProtonMail within a few clicks and least time. You won’t need other tools once you would get hands on it.

Download with Attachments

It downloads the emails with the embedded attachments within them. So your valuable data will never misplace or deleted while transferring files from Yahoo to ProtonMail.

No Size Limitation

This migrator tool allows us to migrate numbers of files without any restriction on the size of the file. You won’t get any error or popup regarding the size of the file.

Advanced features to customize

It provides bulk migration of Yahoo files to ProtonMail with advanced features to customize your migration process according to the requirement of the user.

No Need for Application

If you thought to first install the application to migrate the emails of Yahoo Mail to ProtonMail, let me disclose that you won’t need those applications to perform this migration exercise.

Bliss for Non-Tech User

If you have struggled to understand and to the practical use of technology then this is a special treat from us to you. Using this device you would no longer feel lagged behind. Use this application and enter in new space of the reliable world of email data sharing.

Here’s is the Steal Deal

You can download this application with the Free Trial Edition to experience the functionality and smoothness. So you can receive a hassle-free service.

This brought us to the Closure of the blog on how to transfer emails from Yahoo to ProtonMail


Witnessing the increasing usage of safe and secure ProtonMail we proposed this Yahoo to ProtonMail Migrator for our users who even don’t have expertise in technology but want to cope with the expanding technology. Keeping this thought of simplifying technology for non-tech users and newcomers, this application will prove to be an absolute solution.

If you need any further information, contact Technical Support Team


By Rollins Duke

Rollins Duke is a content curator with a unique blend of technical expertise. Specializing in email migration, data backup, and conversion, He has a proven track record of simplifying complex processes. As a content creator, Rollins excels in presenting information in a clear and engaging manner.