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How to Save Gmail Message as PDF Along with Attachments ?

Rollins Duke   Contributor
Published On October 16th, 2023 • 3 Min Read

Being a student, I have a number of important emails in my Gmail account. Now, I want to save Gmail messages as PDF. But the problem is, I have a huge number of emails to save Gmail as PDF. Is there any way through which I can save multiple Gmail as PDF in one click? Please suggest me a good solution.

Recently, we got a query on ‘How to save Gmail message as PDF with attachments?’. Are you also looking for a solution to save Gmail email as PDF? If yes, you have come the right way. The Email Backup Wizard is the best-suited solution which solves the above query. The utility has an interactive interface to easily save Gmail as PDF with attachments. Download the tool to save Gmail message as  PDF file on your Windows-based PC.


How to Save Gmail as PDF with Attachments?

1. Once you download the software to save Gmail as PDF file, install and run it on your Windows PC.


2. From the list of Email Source, choose Gmail as the option to save Gmail email as PDF. Now, enter your account credentials and click on Login.


3. The utility will show all the folders of your Gmail account. Here, choose the email folders to save multiple Gmail as PDF. The tool gives many file saving options. As we want to save Gmail emails as PDF, choose PDF here.


4. Once you select all the required options, click on Backup to save Gmail emails to computer.


5. Within some time, all your selected messages will get saved on your PC.

Reasons to Save Gmail Message as PDF

Sometimes, you need to save Gmail emails messages to PDF format. There could be many reasons for this like:

  • If you want to share Gmail emails to someone urgently
  • If you need to use the Gmail emails in your presentation.
  • There is a need to print out important emails.
  • You can keep the backup of your emails into PDF format.

There are also some other important reasons. Like, if you want to open Gmail emails at a place where there is no internet connection, or you want to show the emails as the evidence at court, etc.

Features of Solution to Save Email from Gmail to PDF:

1. Selective Migration: The tool to save Gmail message as PDF allows you to migrate selective Gmail files as per your requirement.

2. Bulk Transfer Gmail Files: Using the Email backup tool, you can easily save multiple Gmail as PDF.

3. File Naming Option: To save Gmail message as PDF, you can choose the required file naming option as per your need.

4. Windows OS Compatible: The utility is compatible with all the versions of Windows Operating System including the latest ones.

5. Secure Email Migration: The tool to save Gmail emails as PDF is a standalone utility that does all the migrations ensuring complete security of our data.


In the above write-up, we have explained a direct method to save Gmail message as PDF. The Gmail Backup tool is a stand-alone utility to save Gmail as PDF file. It has a simple layout suitable for all type of users. You can download the Trial version of the solution to understand the utility better before investing in it.


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